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The South West Hungarian Construction Cluster met again

Munkára kész az Építőipari Klaszter

The South West Hungarian Construction Cluster, which was established on March 21, 2018, continues its work in summer as well, with the management of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya (CCIPB).


At the meeting on the 18th July 2018, the cluster welcomed Dávid Szentgyörgyi, CEO of the wealth utilization Ltd. of Pécs.


Following the introduction of the Ltd. and the establishment of joint cooperation points, the Cluster continued the event by the discussion of the professional knowledge competition planned for 2019, and the possibility of media coverage of the Cluster.


The 15 members will continue their work, one of the main aims is to solve the problems of labor supply. The members are planning a career orientation competition is 2019 for children.


The Cluster will continue its work in September, 2018.