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The Construction Technology Cluster started its work in 2019

The Construction Technology Cluster began its working year for 2019 with the meeting on the 16th January.

During the meeting, the goals of 2019 were discussed, such as planning the launch of a joint project, setting criteria for the newly entering members, the annual paying amount and method as membership to members and new entrants. In addition, from March 2019, the election of the new president is due, his person will be elected from the vice-presidents.

There were other important objectives discussed, such as participation in career events, promotion of the construction profession in schools, and organization of a construction competition.

The members of the cluster try to satisfy the incoming requests according to their workload, as well as to promote the companies of Baranya within the framework of the campaign #jelenajövőd, which is led by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya.