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A new response to the lack of specialists

Thanks to the new forms of support introduced two years ago, the construction sector was picked up again. In order to make the best possible use of this sector, the Construction Cluster was founded in the spring with Gábor Molnár (IMG Építő Ltd.) as president. The goals of the organization include the promotion of the construction industry, as well as the Pécs Orientation Day in Pécs.

-With the establishment of the Cluster, we are trying to solve the growing lack of professional workforce in the construction industry. Each of the Cluster members has a lot of emphasis on student training and for graduates to master the basics of the profession. In addition, we also have the opportunity to exchange experiences with each other’s companies, where they can get acquainted with the activities, the technologies and building materials.

IMG Ltd. is a family enterprise with more than two decades of history, is involved in the development and establishment of industrial sites, as well as in the renovation of banks. Apart from that, however, the company also build family houses, and undertakes renovations, has its own machines, workforce, and has been working with the same subcontractors for many years.

Nevertheless, it pays constant attention to the professional recruitment. Selecting the subcontractors was not a problem for a long time, but the company has recently faced the problem: it is not easy to find good workers.

“From the beginning, we put great emphasis on working with high quality” – says Gábor Molnár. – We have also embarked on the development of our professional recruitment, and we started to focus on student training. We currently have two masons. One of them spent his summer practice with us, and after that we made a student contract with him. The other one – a classmate – came because we were recommended.

Before signing the student contract, the company drew the student’s attention to that at the company actual work has to be done, since the goal was to learn the profession. They also said that if they meet their expectations, the company will apply them.

“They take part in the actual work, acquire every part of the profession from scaffolding, ironwork, masonry, plastering to cold-covering. Today we are working with very high-quality materials and the technologies used in the construction industry have also changed. Construction is under continuous innovation, a mason now needs to know not only how to build a wall, but he also has to adapt to plans and to handle a painting”.