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“There is lack of middle age workforce in the construction industry as well”

Thanks to the favorable conditions, the construction industry is on the upward course again. This gives businesses not only joy, but also a little headache. It requires organization to manage increased orders so they can be delivered in time while the lack of workforce is increasing.

Vörös Bau Ltd. is based in Pécs, and still able to handle the obstacles successfully, but the lack of middle age workforce is already present. Some of their employees have not yet reached the age of 30, while the other half is already retired.

Slowly now for a decade, our municipalities are primarily our customers. We build walls, pavements, drainage ditches, and modernize medical houses, community houses, mayor’s offices, says György Vörös, managing director of the company. In addition, in Pécs, we have been renovating the castle wall for six years, which meant almost continuous work. It does require huge logistics to be able to work at the same quality everywhere. Doing utility work does not cause any problems, but in case of those jobs which require a specialist, we may skip the deadline because we have to fulfill another order beforehand.

As he says, there is an increasing concern that there are not enough masons, room painters and carpenters in the company to work in the field. The problem only increases, because it is harder to find good workforce, who loves his or her job, does qualitative work, because usually they go abroad.

We are in a fortunate position because we have been working with almost the same professional team for two decades now, yet we have been in a difficult position because we did not have enough staff to do the job. We could only keep the number of skilled workers so that we applied one of our students after his school assignment.

They have been training their students since the company was founded. They are currently employing four students, two of them graduate this academic year, and the other two began their professional practice in September.

Students are engaged in everyday work, they receive real assignments that are carried out with the help of a specialist. We show them every area of ​​this profession – Vörös continues. – Those who continue to work on a high standard and work according to our expectations, we offer the opportunity to continue to work with us after obtaining a vocational qualification certificate. One of our two graduates is already capable of working on his own. In the summer season, eighteen students spent their internships at out company, it was a great help because we were able to keep up the deadlines, with the enough staff for each work area.


Szalai Kornélia

Source: Dél-Dunántúli Gazdaság