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The solution to the shortage of construction professionals arrives!

The construction industry training can be revolutionized: the so-called regional construction training centers would try to remedy the huge shortage of professionals in the construction industry by the National Association of Building Contractors, which has now submitted a fresh proposal to the specialist to reinforce the professionalism.

The National Association of Building Contractors recommends the establishment of so-called regional construction training centers to improve the efficiency of training in the sector.

The decade-long system designed on the German model, which has been working well for decades, is urgently needed in order to raise the level of practical education, which is now being forwarded to the Ministry of Innovation and Technology responsible for the construction economy.

It is important that the construction industry currently employs 75,000 newly recruited auxiliary workers whose professional training, theoretical and practical training should be provided under uniform requirements and conditions.

According to the head of the professional organization, the main problem is due to the unique structure of the industry, since micro and small enterprises are typically not equipped enough to provide the students with the right tools and practical training.

In addition, the workshops of secondary vocational schools and secondary schools that teach the professions of construction are mostly outdated, small in size, inadequate in their assets, and generally unsuitable for teaching larger groups of students.

There is no possibility of practical training in the industry within the sector, as businesses are constantly working in changing locations – at least this can be seen in the explanation of National Association of Building Contractors’ professional material.

The strengthening of practical training is also necessary because Hungarian apprentices are generally poorly represented in international competitions.

National Association of Building Contractors proposes regional training centers, based on uniform principles, with central – state, chamber or professional organizational management.


Source: Otthontérkép Magazin