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The construction industry is before a digital boom

Bauma presented the industrial technologies and pioneering solutions of the fourth industrial revolution in Munich. The digital revolution of construction infrastructure will be one of the most important trends in construction industry in 2019. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has already been made mandatory for public infrastructure investments in some European countries, from 2020, for example, in Germany.

BIM is a new approach to construction processes and methodologies: facilitates the design and execution process, allows you to create higher quality technical documentation, reduce design errors and potential extra costs. Technologies for 3D printing, automation and artificial intelligence are gaining ground in the construction industry in the near future. The construction site for the future and its construction is based on modern, intelligent and digitally interconnected technologies, cloud-based infrastructures. Construction industry is currently close to its maximum, the biggest obstacle to higher performance is the lack of current organization, the lack of skilled workers and now the auxiliary workers- according to Béla Markovich, managing director of Mapei Kft. According to him, the tight deadlines for engagement by general contractors is a growing problem. Often, in order to win the job, they accept deadlines that cannot be reached in today’s labor shortage, not to mention the observance of technological times. Among other things, the result is that more and more investments are slipping down. One of the reasons for the price increase is the rise in commodity prices and the strengthening of demand. However, the price hike is already slowing down, and is expected to stop by the end of the year – the expert added.